It was a normal day in which I met a boy who lived very close to my apartment and I really liked this boy and every time I saw him pass by my apartment I looked at him with pleasure and the desire to be with him.At the time this boy left the country and returned in 3 years, when he arrived I did not know who it was since this boy had changed a lot with much more body and I asked my neighbor who he was and she told me that he was the boy who I liked him 3 years ago, days went by and I ran into him in a park and he was staring at me without taking his eyes off me.It was 9pm and the park was left alone and I didn’t want to leave because he was still in the park, – What are you doing alone at this time in the park – I asked the boy. "I’m not alone, I’m with you," he answered.I started to get excited just by hearing his voice, I sat next to him and started having a somewhat heated conversation with him, he started putting his hand in my ass and told me: – My cock is hard, would you like to suck it? – That boy told me – Of course yes, but let’s go to a place where no one sees us – I answered.We went to the forest and I knelt down to suck his cock, so much so that tears came out of my eyes as if he were crying. After a moment the boy tells me: – You suck it very well, you are a whore.Then he saw that my ass was wet and he wanted to fuck me, he put me on all fours and started fucking my ass so hard that he made me cum without touching myself, I told him that my cock was about to explode and he wanted to have my cum in his mouth.He took his cock out of my ass and knelt down and I came in his mouth while he masturbated and came on my feet. After we failed we left and when this guy got home he sent me an email saying that he had never experienced something so delicious, who was always looking for me so that we would fail in all the places we found.

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Hi im Sweetcumblair, a little sweet and a nuaghty one, the one who can me you a friend, boyfriend and the one who can play with you and make you cum

Hello my gentleman! I am CERVENA,beautiful ,sexy,exotic,char ming,captivating smile,sweet and naughty at the same time,a real goddess that is always looking for new adventure! An expert in making you a lil devil. I am a very open minded,caring person,who loves know people better! Dont let my ang

Sorry everyone, I planned on being on flirt today but an unexpected emergency came up that needed my attention, if I have time after everything is finished I will be on. I will be posting pictures this week so you guys can have something to look forward to.~Much love, Jazmine Reign

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On December 1st I was at a party celebrating the beginning of Christmas where I had my first contact with a girl who caused me confusion and excitement since I saw her. As the party progressed we began to try, and little by little we had our first approach and we knew that it was the first time I had feelings for the same sex. We agreed to meet again to see how it goes, so if you want to know more about my experience, ask me privately.

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