I enter the field and turn off the engine.It’s easy: I just don’t knowhow to love a manwith gentleness. The tendernessIt’s something they put in youto blows. Fireflies strungthrough the sapphire air.You’re so quiet you’re almosttomorrow.The body was made softto free usof loneliness.You said thatas if the car wasfilling with fresh water.Don’t worry.There’s no water.Only your eyesclosingMy tongueon your sternum.small black hairslike the legsof missing insects.I never wantedthe meat.that never failsin failingwith such precision.But what if it went through the skin?this thin pageanywayand you will find that the heartIt’s not the size of a punch.but that of your mouth openingwith the amplitudefrom Jerusalem. So what?love anotherman is not leavingno one behindForgive me.I do not want to leaveno one behind.I want to possessand be possessed.Just as the field convertsits secretsin peonies.Just like the lightpreserves its shadowby swallowing it.

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